Hiking and hitch-hiking in Bulgaria

With this text, we will open a very interesting topic, which has been developing on the edge of the regulated hiking and the haphazard hitch-hiking, when necessary. What joins these two together? The marvelous culture, hospitality, and amazing nature in Bulgaria. This text can also be seen as an invitation for Bulgaria’s guests to try the picturesque hiking tours, but also to have a couple of useful pieces of advice for hitch-hiking, if it ever comes to that. First things first.

According to a recent study about the people, who take on and go through the El Camino, going through this road and the emotional experiences during this adventure have exceptionally good effect on people’s lives. According to scientists, the overall mental condition of people is improved, while decisions concerning very important aspects of people’s lives are becoming more rational, the overall health is improved, etc.

Not everyone, however, is interested in such lengthy trips, which apart from everything else require a lot of available time. Bulgaria’s unique nature and a well-planned sightseeing tour could save a lot of that time, but will definitely fill your body and soul with uplifting emotions, and elevate your consciousness, so one can return to their everyday life rejuvenated, rested, and full of memories of breathtaking natural beauties.

Hiking in Bulgaria is an opportunity to plan an “expedition” in different directions. Mountain hikes are especially fulfilling, as the high mountains in Bulgaria along with the huts and lakes, and everything else that makes people stand in awe before nature. Visits of caves can be remarkably mystic, while special rock climbing hikes charge you with adrenaline.

What would, however, happen when you need to hitch-hike in Bulgaria? Is it safe? Do Bulgarian drivers stop? If we have to answer the questions in reverse order – yes, many Bulgarian drivers, especially in mountain and rural areas, as well as near small seaside villages would often stop and take hitch-hikers, tourists who want to reach a certain destination. Sometimes, foreigners can even hitch a ride to the border, to the seaside, or another major city, when they wait at highway exits.

Hitch-hiking in Bulgaria, as pretty much everywhere else, is not absolutely safe and secure. Nonetheless, most people that would stop to give you a lift are indeed friendly and well-intentioned, and you would even enjoy their company for the ride. You can never be really certain, however, how long you would have to wait for someone to stop and give you a lift. There are days when this happens on the second minute in, while other times you may need to wait for hours. Whenever you have to go hitch-hiking, however, feel free to do so, as more often than not the Bulgarian people that will take you in their cars and drive you are very helpful and speak some English, so you won’t have trouble with the communication.

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