Switch motorhome on LED lighting

Lamps with LED technology last longer and save power. The exchange is relatively simple and fast – if you know how. What is important here, explains Caravan Metropol from Bautzen.

Lamps with LED technology promises over traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs lower power consumption, longer life and less heat generation. Although the exchange of lamps is usually simple, but requires a few considerations.

First you put the pears dates that you want to trade – a good opportunity to equalize to clean lampshades and covers. Inspect exactly the socket type. This must comply with the new LED lamps as well as size, shape and luminosity or equivalent wattage of the old lamp.

In addition, color temperature and beam angle play an important role. In the light color, a distinction between warm and cool white. A warm light creates a cozy atmosphere and is used for Ambiente- or seating lighting. Cold light affects contrast lighter and can serve well in reading lamps or in the kitchen and the bathroom. The viewing angle determines the diameter of the light cone.

In the living room of this should be as large as possible, in reading lamps prove small angle – so-called spot spotlight – as effective. This information can be found either on the packaging or in the technical specifications of the manufacturer.

Are the new bulbs used in the frames, lampshades and covers can be mounted again. A beautiful confirmation are at the end of the measurement of power consumption: A reduction in power consumption by 70 to 80 percent is possible.

The step-by-step instruction for the LED assembly

Remove bulbs. Caution: If a prior operation, the bulb may be hot, therefore, allow to cool long enough.
LED lamps are available in different shapes and sizes, wattages, socket types, color temperatures and beam angles.
After the replacement of the light source, the lamp is reassembled in reverse order. Then the test is carried out: Is the new lighting and pleasantly bright enough?

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