Thermo cover for Caravan

Protection against cold

To protect against cold you can afford insulating mats for the cab in winter good services. Whether a piece or a multi-part: The model variety is great, the price range as well.

The cab is often the coldest place in the motorhome beyond matching products! Since only protected metal and glass in front of the outside temperatures, there escapes most of the heat. Fitting end plates and uneven distribution of heat you get with insulating thermo mats under control.

Insulation mats are available in different versions: only for the windscreen, the side windows or as a topcoat for the complete cab velvet bonnet. Particularly useful are variants in which one can expose the windscreen without removing the cover completely. So comes the day for light into the motorhome, and you can enjoy the view.

Models for all forms of construction and base vehicles are available. For the Fiat Ducato from year 2006, for example, is the “thermal glass XXL Ducato Click here for matching products” – Coverage of Fiamma for 279 euros. The mat consists of two parts: The upper section covers the front and side windows of the cab from, the lower the entire bonnet. If necessary, you can make the windscreen freely, without having to remove this cover.

The thermal mat of Kantop is Extherm, their variants are suitable for alcove, semi-integrate and also for integrated. It consists of two side parts and a front part. The latter can be opened. When it is integrated above the windows on driver and passenger side first piping rails are adhered to fix the mats. A three-piece set for Fiat Ducato will cost 137 euros.

With regular 535 Euro you must invest considerably more for cab-insulating Wigo. For the cover next to the windows also encompasses the whole hood and reaches to the bottom. So no wind can pass under the vehicle and remove heat. The mat can not only fold down but also share completely. In summer, the mat can be mounted as a pure sun protection only over the discs. Even pooling the designed thereby is easier. The insulating mat fits all standard basic vehicles. Until the end of February 2016 it is offered at a special price of 444 Euro.

The Thermomatte Lux of Hindermann covers the windscreen and side windows. If necessary, the mat may be supplemented by the cover Lux Duo that veiled the bonnet to the ground. The lower part is connected by means of a Velcro fastening to the window mat. The bottom part can also be purchased subsequently. It consists of the same material as the upper part, the insulation is somewhat thinner. The mat Lux for the Ducato costs from 299 euros, the associated Lux ​​Duo base from 224 euros. There are versions for all common base vehicles and years available. Conclusion: Thermo mats reduce significantly the gas consumption and make the Winter Camping much cozier.

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